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Tomoko Kawakami (Fuyuki) Passes Away [Jun. 14th, 2011|12:10 am]
Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog)


Tomoko Kawakami, Fuyuki's original voice actor, passed away on June 9th at age 41 after a 20 month battle with ovarian cancer.

Kawakami-San played Fuyuki for the first 230 episodes and first 3 movies of the anime before going on sick leave and being replaced by Hōko Kuwashima. She also had roles in Bleach, Pokemon, One Piece, Angelic Layer, and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and many, many more series, video games, and Japanese dubs.

Since I've seen few episodes beyond the American release of Sgt. Frog, Tomoko Kawakami is still who I hear in my head when I think of Fuyuki speaking Japanese. She brought a wonderful voice to the role, and it's terribly sad to learn that she left us at such a young age.

Source (Bulbapedia)

[User Picture]From: vixielamenta
2011-06-14 08:05 pm (UTC)
That's so sad. RIP. :(
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[User Picture]From: marikocure
2011-06-14 10:08 pm (UTC)
Rest in peace, Miss Kawakami. You will be missed.
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